My work is called ‘suffocation of the sea’. The theme is the combination of climate crisis and clothing. This is a fashion design work, namely a mesh top. Made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The size of the clothes is medium. I wanted to use waste utilization to promote people's attention to environmental protection. When I initially looked into the climate crisis, I found that both global warming and the degrading state of the marine ecosystem are highly important issues. I thus based my research on these two issues. According to the survey, the marine ecosystem and marine species have suffered substantial harm as a result of glacier melting, sea level rise, and an increase in marine trash. Marine animals eat marine garbage by mistake or are entangled by garbage and die. Global warming and the current climate disaster are brought on by these issues. It is this kind of harm that makes me feel suffocated. These inquiries motivate me to use clothing as a means of expressing the suffocating effects of global warming and the devastation of the marine ecosystem. This means that it has the appearance of mesh and entanglement and visually depicts the feeling of suffocation experienced by marine animals trapped in debris, so I used waste cloth to weave the final design. The use of white fabric conveys the idea of white trash. And I also applied some samples to my body. I also hope that people can pay attention to the climate crisis through this suffocating feeling and make much needed improvements.

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