dimensions: 15cm × 7cm, medium: sculpture, Materials: plastic bottle and stone clay and beads. Recent years, climate crisis is become a big problem. We need to consider to how we can do for earth and animals. So, I made "Dream Case" from plastic bottle. Which this case gives the people dream and future and safe earth and animals. I have an idea from plastic because we can make a new things or recycling from them, and I think recycling is the most I can express the responds to climate crisis. I think easiest to improve to climate crisis for everyone is use the plastic because almost every day we use plastic and throw away. And I think there was no point in recycling unless it was recycled into something that everyone uses, so I decided to use a smartphone case. I use and design of elements such as star and futuristic elements. The star has a meaning of hope, rebirth from despair. And about futuristic elements, I design with the hope that the future will be bright. I want to express our future will go to good directions. Also, I choose material for elements, stone clay. Because I want to show the elements more three-dimensions. And stone clay is strong so when we even dropped phone they do not break. plastic we use is more serious problem and we need improve them. If we do not anything, our dreams, hopes for the future will disappear. I feel that the climate crisis can be improve if each person in conscious and have an action.

Dream Case

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