I am the carbon dioxide emitted from the chimneys of various heavy industrial factories and the exhaust of automobiles. Due to the continuous production and development of heavy industry by human beings, I have been emitting a large amount of carbon dioxide. I am very happy to be emitted in the sky and fly freely every day. But when I was flying freely in the sky, I found that it was getting hotter and hotter in summer. When I came to the North Pole, I found that there were not as many glaciers as before, and I felt that the glaciers were getting smaller and smaller. Is this my delusion? Maybe... Now I'm still getting a lot of human emissions, but it feels like the earth is getting hotter every summer. My work is fluid painting, made with pink, purple and white paints on a 30 x 30cm white drawing board. The materials are three kinds of acrylic paint, silicone oil, square drawing board, and scraper.

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