My work shows the accumulation of partially decomposed marine debris on the seabed, which is done through roller printing. The work is concerned with the pollution of the ocean by plastic products. Plastic waste is a major component of marine pollution, with over 10 million tons of plastic entering the sea each year, some parts of which are broken down into tiny plastic particles that accumulate on the shore or are deposited on the seabed. I got my inspiration from Veronika richterova, an eco-friendly Czech artist who is good at making plant sculptures from plastic bottles. I continued her environmentally friendly idea by creating a board from discarded waste around my life, such as plastic products clothing accessories. Then I painted the board with black and transferred the texture to paper by roller printing to give the feeling of plastic waste piling up on the seabed. I would like to call on people to recycle plastic products and cultivate the awareness of environmental protection through my artwork. At the same time, this approach not only reduces the pollution of the earth by plastic waste, but also gives them a new aesthetic value and a new life.

The Sediment of the Sea

It is roller printing.

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