In this project I imagined what my city might look like in 100 years and drew a map. I used my cellphone to record the images and sound of my city. I felt grateful when I was looking through my pictures and the sounds because the situation is not too bad at least now. However, if human beings do not acknowledge the climate crisis and try to take effective action, I believe in 100 years my city or even the whole world may be replaced by desert. Thus, firstly, I downloaded a map of my city from the Internet and tried to draw what it looked like based on the pictures I took of my city. According to my research, its ecological protection is not too bad so far. The main color is green, so I tried to redraw it with green paint on the printed map. In addition, my city was still colorful in my impression, so I used some brighter colors, such as red, to make some embellishments. I ended up adding a graphic design inspired by the cicada's sound to the painting, representing harmony. In the end, I used my computer to remove all the original colors, leaving only black and white, which means that if human beings do not realize the seriousness of the climate crisis and make changes as soon as possible, then within a hundred years, the entire city will become a desert.

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