Sanhe Talent Market, located in Shenzhen, dominating the manufacturing business in China, is filled with abandoned migrant youth workers who reject to join the assembly line and cling to daily-paid jobs. In the past decade, the Sanhe area, as if a huge body bag, imprison them with a low-cost lifestyle allowing them to “sleep for three days, and work for a day”. Although society blames their laziness and miseducation for the rotten lifestyle, it is hard to ignore the side effect of the boosting of mass production. I used to experience a similar position being forsaken and helpless. By contrast, I saw friends and relatives who were provided with goods and fortunes without cherishing them. I aim to document the lifestyle of these urban walking-deads by combining three-body figures in one look. In order to interpret the long-hour dissipation of street sleepers and their working-class denimwear, I used Cyanotype ink to dye all my cotton, keep them in the dark, bask them in the sun with me lying on it, which leaves my body silhouette imprint after ultraviolet radiation. I have also sewn a top out of the ‘made in China’ watermark corresponding to the manufacturing generation.

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