Carbon emissions have been the most important issue in the climate crisis, the meteorologist has repeatedly warned that carbon emissions should be reduced, however many people haven’t realized what these relate to their lives. Actually, these gases are like viruses and bacteria, invisible to the eyes but present everywhere. I'm trying to assume that if these gases are colored, what will they look like when emitted into the air? I used the light of the projector to take these pictures. I wanted to show the gases more intuitively, trying to arouse people's awareness of carbon emissions. And also I made an exhibition proposal, I intend to play the videos that record the carbon emissions in our life around the space, and in the middle of the area, I plan to release water mist in front of the projector so that the audience can see the colored gases in the space. In this way, I hope to get people to participate in the issue of carbon emissions rather than watching.

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