The phenomenon of high temperatures has always been a very serious problem in the climate crisis, causing many heat disasters. Many artists or scientists have warned us to focus on the climate crisis but people still think it's invisible. When people fabric heat crisis when the emotions of terror and suffocation are magnified, I made a hat, done with silicone, wire and different red wool threads. I studied the shape of a person's head when it encounters high temperatures and other climatic disasters, imitated the silhouette with a wire and then replaced the person's skin with silicone, reflecting a feeling of enveloping suffocation, and the red silk thread is the strong terror of people. I hope that through this people can understand that when the climate disaster comes, we are no longer spectators but participants, so we have to focus on climate issues.

The climate crisis

The main materials of my project are silicone, different red wool and handmade wire. The main thing my project is trying to express is people's fear of the climate crisis.

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