My climate crisis piece is there is no plan B. It's a temperature sensitive color changing cup. Its name is there is no plan B, because the climate crisis is becoming more and more significant especially this year, protecting the environment is the responsibility of everyone living on this one and only planet, so it is urgent to protect the earth's climate, human beings have no other choice but to protect the earth, we have only one planet and only one plan. The object of this project is locked in coffee cups because now with the opening of coffee shops and beverage shops, more and more disposable cups have appeared, and the felling, processing and burning of these disposable cups have accelerated global warming. The outside of the coffee cup is graffitied with temperature-sensitive materials, showing the shape of a world map. When the temperature exceeds 36 degrees, the color of the outside of the cup will become lighter or even gray, and the overall color saturation will decrease, making it look lifeless, which is a good reflection of the impact of high temperature on the earth. Whether people pick up the cup or pour hot liquid into it, as long as the temperature exceeds 36 degrees, the color of the outside of the cup will change. Whenever its color changes, it is a good reminder code for users, reminding people that they are the guardians of environmental protection issues and continue to pay attention to global warming.

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