The title of my project is 'Hot to Melt Makeup'. The inspiration is that nature is often angry and reminds me of increased global warming, volcanic eruptions, melting glaciers and lava flows. Over time, in a few thousand years, everything in the world will melt, fracture and become upside down, much like real life loss. I painted a lot of eyes that express terror, sadness and helplessness, conveying the idea that nature is crying. For the collage of the volcanic eruption I used a classic red and black colour scheme corresponding to the silence and eruption of the volcano, mixed with layers of candles, metallic sequins and stones to create a strong contrast. I then did two experiments, one was a composite fluidity experiment where I aimed to explore the fluidity effects of different materials. The second experiment depicted the consequences of a volcanic eruption. I hope to make people aware of the crisis of climate issues that, if not taken seriously, will eventually melt humans and nature like the Iceman.

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