Title: Immigration Submarine Dimensions: 30cm×35cm Medium:Card Paper Materials: Acrylic/Color pencil I am a person who likes to fantasize and think things forward, which can be reflected in my works. I can predict the future of our lives like the prophet, so I hide the message in my art. “Climate Crisis” is a serious problem that people didn’t like to mention, but I think presenting this topic in art forms is more acceptable because artworks are interesting. The first I saw this world, I was concerned about the future of human life, where should we live in the future if the ground is too hot? I always want to create artworks that make people think, so when you look at my work for the first time it is hard to tell the topic. There are messages hiding in my painting, from all the layers of colors or details in the corner of the painting. I always like to add details to my painting and I feel like it is a treasure hunt. At first glance, it is just a painting of a person under the sea, but if you look closely, you will find the mood the painting is trying to convey. The giant octopus, the fish’s eye, the transparent person, the dropped earphone... Think deeply and you can find meaning behind them.

Immigration Submarine

Painting for topic Climate Crisis

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