In this era of the great demand for industrial development, many factories are needed to produce our products and energy. However, many factories emit unfiltered harmful gases directly into the air, because they want to save money. These harmful gases will combine with the air. This causes rainwater to turn into acid rain. When this acid rain falls to the ground it affects the quality of the land. This makes the soil unsuitable for plant life. A large number of plants will then wither and die. Over time, the land becomes desertified. When the desert surrounds the city, the city will often have sandstorms. The impact of these climate crises on us humans is enormous. It can affect the way we live and the areas we produce. I used digital painting to create this work. I linked the three works in the series through a spaceship. I tell the story of the three phases of air pollution, acid rain, and sand storms that we will experience in the future time. I hope that my work will remind people of the effects of the climate crisis and thus make them more aware of environmental protection.

Air Pollution

Acid Rain

Sand Storm

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