My work is ironic, and directly reminds people to reflect on our response to the climate crisis, I only want to express my feelings about the behavior of certain groups of people. When I think about the "climate crisis", the first thing I think of is the “information gap” between different social classes. One interesting piece of news that attracted me was that, while most average people are making efforts to combat climate change, such as driving less or not driving fuel cars, some celebrities and national leaders are still frequently taking their private jets and yachts for short-distance travel. This situation is particularly serious in the United States. Additionally, some climatologists have concluded that if the sea level continues to rise, New York will be the first costal city to be flooded. All these factors constitute the main body of my work - “Did it work”, and that’s also a question I want to ask to all average people who have been deceived by the information gap.

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