This work was completed during the epidemic. I made a sculpture with the theme of livestock pollution, named "Meat Change". It's not just the pandemic that's killing people this summer, it's global warming and a changing climate that's rattling the world. Such as this year's unusually hot summer and temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius in the Arctic. People know that global warming is caused by car exhaust, air conditioning, or chemical pollution, but they have never considered whether the food we love is also contributing to global warming. For example, livestock farming, which accounts for a large proportion of pollution. In this project, I have collected various animal husbandry is how to pollute the environment and contribute to global warming, from farming to animal husbandry has led to the production and consumption of atmospheric pollution behavior, will produce a great of their own feces methane and nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, people in the barbecue meat food will produce methane gas. I made the final product using acrylic and using waste foam board, which represents the continuous breeding of livestock that should not be produced, and resin glue, which represents the pollution caused by meat, which contributes to global warming. I want to tell people that they don't have to become a vegetarian, but that reducing the need and consumption of meat can make a big difference in the environment.

3main gases responsible for global warming

those 3gases are all from the animals husbandry

Animal agriculture&It's nagative impact of climate change

the pollution from the land which raise the animals

Primary research

I ask some questions to my friends about how did they think about animal husbandry pollution


try to use different materials to develop the work

The process about final art work

Final work

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