This is a project about nature and pollution. The overall form of the work is a rubbish can, which I made transparent so that the contents can be seen. When we put our rubbish in the corresponding dustbin, we may think that we are "green" or that we are actually protecting the ecology. Sometimes, however, the rubbish that is difficult to deal with, will be buried, discarded in the field. Their large and increasing numbers could cause serious ecological damage and even a climate crisis. Not only animals and plants, but also humans will be threatened by extreme weather and natural disasters. So, when we put rubbish in the bin, is it possible that we are still putting it on the lawn? Maybe no one ever thought of it that way, and that's why we ignore it. From another point of view, what does this mean for nature? If the appearance of man and all that man does are under the laws of nature, then the pollution and destruction do not seem unnatural; Nothing that seems likely to happen is unnatural. But that doesn't mean we should ignore it or even allow it to happen. Of course, the so-called nature is the law rather than animals, plants, rivers, mountains and rivers such physical objects; So we're not harming nature itself, we can't harm nature itself. We are only suffering the objective results of a series of actions under the laws of nature. Therefore, what may happen may not happen, as long as our ecological protection and environmental protection cause can get more attention and support from the public. And that starts with recognizing the situation, not feeling like you're doing the green thing just because you put your trash in the rubbish can.

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