At present, the huge problem that mankind is facing is the global climate crisis. People often think that these climate crises are very far away from them. However, in some areas, it has become a reality. If we do not pay attention to these problems in five years or ten years, we will There is no way back, and there will be a crisis of survival for all mankind. At that time, mankind will not be able to see their current homeland, the climate has changed severely, and the living environment has begun to make it difficult for mankind to survive. My works first satirize those capitalists who make money under the guise of protecting the environment, and secondly, I want to call on people to protect the environment. I want to convey this message to people through my work, and it's my take on this topic.


you can see that there is a crying person holding a melting earth at the center of the image. The eyes of the person are upside down. Here, I want to express that people are aware of climate crisis, and they are graved but unable to fix the issue through their own actions. Deterioration occurred and progressed. For the earth in the picture, what I want to express is that the earth is now facing the impact of extreme weather. Large areas of glaciers are melting, which will bring huge disasters, so I use an exaggerated metaphor that the earth is melting to alert people to this problem. At the same time, the man is under pressure from all around him to "protect the planet".The many hands around represent those businessmen who own the power to speak and shape people’s idea. They continue to use the concept of environmental protection and continue to put pressure on ordinary people to tell them the danger of the climate crisis and tell them that they are obligated to do their best.

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