I was inspired by the fishermen who have been living by the sea for a long time, as floods are becoming more frequent due to the warmer temperatures. Human-induced global warming and it increases the frequency, intensity, and number of heavy precipitation events around the whole world. As the atmosphere warms, it contains more moisture, which means that more rain come up during storms weather, also this phenomenon gonna increase the risk of flooding.This project is a preview of the future when they run away with the tools to save their own life when they encounter the flood comes up. The flood will destroy all the resources for long labor storage, and they must rebuild their living area from the beginning, and they will be in danger. I am thinking to make a piece of garment that can fold into the boat and easy carry it on the human back. When the flood comes, it can be taken off and turned into a simple boat to save themselves. Maybe there are lots of snaps on the clothes to attach these fishing hooks and ropes to keep them from being swept away by the flood. In this incident I also had joined some poles and sails elements, I want to create the shape of the garment like the sail and I had experimented on mannequin and the human bod And I also inspired by the fish drafts, and then I did some textiles.

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