I researched sea levels. A few days ago, there was flooding in Korea, Seoul. Because of that I was interested in rising sea levels. Maldives where 450,000 people live has an average elevation of only 1 meter. Therefore, if the sea level rises by 45cm, the Maldives will lose about 77% of its land area. I got inspired by waves in the sea while I researched rising sea levels. And I decided to design neckless abstarctly, expressing waves. To do this, I tried to draw idea sketches and I developed sketch more to create design that I’m satisfied. I used materials sculpey clay and metal. Sculpey clay has feature that is flexible texture like normal clay but if I put it in oven it become hard. And I couldn’t buy silver. I replaced silver with metal. I used three colours, sky blue, dark blue and silver. Why I chose these colours because I wanted to express land and sea. Metal means land. You can see dark blue colour under the metal that means current sea levels and I put part that is sky blue colour on the metal to depict flooding that can be happen in the future. I made my art work as neckless to put message. At the top of neckless’s part is pointed. So, if I pull this neckless it can be dangerous. This neckless include meaning of sea levels and if it’s rise, people can be dangerous. I wanted to put that message. I had some difficulties while I do my work. It was difficult to make curved shape with metal and when I started to research. I spend too much time to research and drew idea sketches but I’m satisfied to express sea levels with sky blue and dark blue colour, and to put message.

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