2388x1668 px -Digital illustration 'Precarious' is a word that describes an unstable and dangerous situation. My source of inspiration was a sinking island. I wanted to let you know by using my work that the environmental pollution problem caused by fast fashion is serious. So, I made the shape of the clothes using the shape of the sinking island. On top of it, the island was formed in layers to express that discarded clothes were piled up. The sea level is rising because of the rising earth’s temperature. Nowadays, fast fashion trends encourage people to consume clothing. Young generations want to show others their new outfits and fashion style. Also, they are easily buying and throwing away clothes. When incinerating discarded clothes, a large amount of pollutants are generated. For that reason, some islands will be submerged. So, I started making this work because I wanted to alert people who consume fast fashion. First, I made a large part of clothing using the shape of the sinking island. In addition, by several layers of smaller island shape, it expresses that clothes were thrown away. I wanted to express that the island is sinking because of this garbage. I also thought about the color of this island, but eventually I chose red. This is mainly because red is a color that represents warning or danger. I wanted to express the island in red to show the seriousness that the real islands could sink or disappear. I also thought of various ideas to express that discarded clothes pile up.

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