INgenuity is a design for a co-working office space spanning two floors located in a disused factory space in Hackney Wick, London. The aim for INgenuity is to create a workspace that allows workers to take control of their space through utilising features such as ergonomic and adjustable furniture, adaptable privacy features and providing access to different noise and visual environments specifically designed to heighten levels of productivity and wellbeing. Biophilic design is incorporated throughout INgenuity as my research highlighted the importance of this design element within workspaces in creating a productive and calm environment which can decrease worker stress levels. The space is sectioned into private, informal, and formal workspaces thus giving the user a variety of environments to choose to work from, allowing users the opportunity to explore new workspace areas, and enabling communication with others in the social areas of the building to encourage networking and socialisation.

Private Workspace

Private work booths, created on Rhino and rendered on V-Ray

Seating Area

Seating located next to reception, created on Rhino and rendered on V-Ray

Collage Section

On Photoshop I created a visual of my final concept

Floor Plans

Technical floor plans created on AutoCAD

Informal Workspace

Informal work booths, created on Rhino and rendered on V-Ray

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