“sink in silence” shows a Crescent lake (broken ark) in the desert, and a few people in it or want to climb in it. It is an illustration work about climate crisis, which mainly focus on the extreme weather such as drought and high temperature in this year. The interviews to people live far away from made me aware that people most affected by the climate crisis are likely to be those in non-developed countries and remote areas. Because of these inspirations, i made an association with the extreme weather (drought and high temperature) in my hometown this year. A few years ago, i traveled near a desert, and saw the lake was much smaller than that in the book. So, i think the Crescent Lake is like an Nosh’s ark in the desert, it can carrying hope. But because of climate crisis, the lake keep reducing and than it is no longer able to provide water for the surrounding area. This situation symbols the broken ark, which is unable to save the lives on board. I wanted to make the picture looks lifeless, so it was all black and white. The material of choice is fragile rice paper, ink and toner, Because I wanted the texture looks quiet, desperate, dry and dusty. As the problem gets worse, the current situation will also become the past. The future of climate is unknown. Maybe the “lake” will disappear completely and only show up in old files. No one care about it, then it will disappear silently.



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