This is an ongoing project. I chose the trend 'Faded Brights'. Upon conducting extensive research on my chosen trend, I was inspired to produce a piece that would highlight beauty in abstract forms of distortion. More specifically, I aimed to target this trend by utilising fruits as a medium and the starting point of my concept development. To begin this project, I initially collated a variety of fruits that had the potential to showcase the multitude of textures, patterns and bright shades in various formats. From the fruits I researched, I was most intrigued by the textures, patterns and colours of a grapefruit, kiwi and a banana. I took photographs of fresh fruit, cut up to see the textures and patterns I would discover. Furthermore, to find more textures, I burnt and froze my grapefruit and kiwi. I used a variety of materials including, duchess satin, linen, chiffon organza, cotton and more. I used these fabrics as they were lightweight, comfortable, but also showed glossiness and shine on the surface. From my research I gathered, I went onto experimenting my ideas and further developing my ideas and techniques. I used a range of hand and digital techniques, written under images.

Embellished abstract design

Embellished fabric onto Duchess satin, using the Tanaka machine, Exploring textures.


Inspired by Kiwis. Machine stitched circles using Juki. Embellished fabric in the middle, bringing texture to the surface. Then I hand embroidered straight stitches and French knots.

Pleated Kiwi

Inspired by Kiwis. Pleated linen fabric using the smocking machine. Hand embroidered stitches, then added pearl beads on top.

Frayed Kiwi

Inspired by Kiwis. Exploring fraying techniques, destroying fabric using the Tanaka. Created great texture.

Couched Banana

Developed sample using different embroidery thread that showed shin through.

Couched Banana

Inspired by Bananas. Laying fabrics, then couching on top of 100% wool. Added beads and French knots.

Patterned Grapefruit

Inspired by Grapefruits. Appliqué polycotton and satin fabric onto Duchess satin. Then I hand stitched different Embroidery stitches.

Close up

Close up of grapefruit inspired samples. Embroidery stitches of patterns seen in grapefruit.


Goldwork Experimentation, using bump, bulian/perl and bright check on the left. On the right I used bump under, then began stitching red plate on top.

Burnt Fabrics

Experimenting burning different fabric using heat gun. Inspired by my research on burning my fruit.

Destroyed Fabric

Trapping organza between cotton and duchess satin using the embellisher. Then using the heat gun, creating holes and making fabric more 3D. Created great texture and colour.

Trapped materials

Embellished fabric onto organza, using the Tanaka machine, Then using heat gun to burn my fabric. Exploring textures.


Added sequins then pearl beads on top, creating a different texture and shine.


Cut work sample, embellished duchess satin, chiffon organza and linen using the Tanaka. Machine stitching on top using the domestic.

Cutwork and beads

Added beads to this sample, creating added texture.

Close up

Close up of my design, inspired by burnt grapefruit.

Digital Machine

Digital machine sample. Different stitches used including, Island coil, satin, layered satin straight stitch, zig zag and many more. The design was stitched onto duchess satin.

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