Observe Mentality, which mainly depicts a surrealist world from my subconscious. I started with my dream, which often bring out my unconscious, I can explore potential world while I'm asleep. I often have insomnia or nightmares; the night is my best time to create works. My first purpose is to record these dreams; for me drawing can be a great outlet. The second aim is to observe my consciousness. I am not good at expressing verbally, especially in public. Therefore, I use my work to talk about my feelings instead. Each piece is on a different level, moving from shallow to deep. In these works, I also portray my feelings of anxiety and desire. The repressed emotions made me choose monochrome. In addition, I use pencil as the main material for my work in order to better express the details.


The baby heralds the birth of the world. As a prologue to the series, it is also the beginning of my dream world. When I fall asleep it is like falling into the ocean, from the first layer of this world into the second layer of the dream land.


This work expresses the negative emotions caused by disillusionment. The little demon suffers from hunger and sickness. He is a symbol of dashed wishes. Grail represents illusory quest that never achieved.


I usually gorging on food because of anxiety. My inspiration is come from The Seven Sins “Gluttony”. The Babirusa splurged on expensive food. Those animals’ teeth can grow indefinitely until they puncture their skulls. Suicidal gluttony is a consequence of anxiety and greed.


Anxiety makes me produce strange ideas, perhaps that is what inspired me to create this series. These ideas are like embryos, bred by nerves that resemble twigs. I would often wake up suddenly in the middle of the night with my consciousness still lingering in the dream. At that moment, I am just like a fish skeleton resting in this dream, calm but unable to swim.


Zhuang Zhou, an ancient Chinese philosopher, dreamed that he turned into a butterfly. He began to wonder: did I become a butterfly in my own dream, or did the butterfly become me in its dream? This is the final layer of the dream world. My subconscious is like a hotbed in which the embryo of ideas grows. This work represents my doubts about reality and the dream world. Sometimes I can't tell which is real.


This work focuses on the demon head, representing the fear in my mind. He lurks in the last layer, when I am completely lost in the dream and fear may be like a demon and plunge me into the darkness.


The final work is a turning point in the series. I am not always in a nightmare, sometimes I fall into the embrace of a beautiful dream. As with the work “Gluttony”, there is a numerous food in here, but the difference is that the containers in which the food is served are also extremely expensive. This is a feast to entertain the precious guests of my dream.

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