With the rapid development of intelligent technology, the smartphone has become a necessity for people. Then was followed by the birth of electronic payments was followed by the birth of electronic payment, and all countries are promoting this form of payment. Especially in China, electronic payment, which is widely used in various fields, everyone in the street uses, providing convenience for people. Nevertheless, at the same time, some digital immigrants are bound by electronic payment, which is difficult and inconvenient for them. They have been kicked off buses, humiliated by shop assistants, and stuck at train stations because they could not pay electronically. In this new digital environment, digital migrants are left behind by technology and forgotten by The Times. In this project, everyone can feel how complicated the applications we think are to use are in the eyes of the elderly. In the form of a teaching manual, I will show every audience the triviality and complexity of the e-payment process, make every audience feel the plight of the elderly, and expose the problems behind e-payment to the public. Many existing works mainly express the difficulties encountered by the elderly, often just a combination of pictures, without an in-depth understanding of the adverse effects of electronic payments. That brings me to the monitoring and control behind electronic payments. While people enjoy convenience, they also have access to a controlled system where their transactions are constantly tracked and recorded, leaving every user without privacy. The project aims to expose the fact that people are forced into surveillance systems in a cashless society and reflect on the current situation of this capital-controlled society.

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