This short film takes the viewer on a journey into the rich and diverse world of people with bipolar disorder. Only two highly representative scenes have been chosen for this film. The author urges everyone to recognise this mental illness and to accept and support those who suffer from it without prejudice. It is also hoped that those who are experiencing emotional illness without realising it will find out their current situation and seek help to get out of the abyss of emotional suffering and embrace a better life as soon as possible. 

Dream 1

A mentally active little girl prepares to fall asleep. When she fell asleep, A mist hid her eyes. When the smoke cleared, she found herself in a misty forest with a roller coaster on top of it. The roller coaster is sometimes exposed and sometimes hidden in the forest. The scene is dominated by dark colors. It gives people a sense of terror and repression.

Dream 4

The last camera of last dream focused on the sun. Then the sun gradually changes from a impassioned red to a warm yellow. The camera zooms out and reveal a bamboo forest. There is a small thatched hut, a small bridge and a small river beside the bamboo forest. The girl happily ran across the bridge to the hut. The last dream had a feeling of warmth and security. At here, the girl's dream adventure is going to the end.

Dream 3

She landed on the back of a whale, which carried her flying across the sky. As the whale skimmed over the water, the waves whipped up against the shore rocks. The dream of this place, gives people a kind of magnificent and impressive feeling.

Dream 2

Then the roller coaster went into a wild spin and rush directly to the little girl. The little girl closed her eyes because of fear. When she opened her eyes again, she saw a black, white, gray city. City has sky wheel and crowded streets. Rubbish was piled up in the blind corner outside of the building. The little girl was walking down the street and then she saw a bar where people were having a party, but the strange thing was that people were wearing masks. She opened the door curiously and just wanted to lift her legs into the door, but her feet didn't touch on the ground and she fell down to another dream. This scene gives people a feeling of disorganized and restless.

Scene 1


Scene 1

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