Bambooing is a slow living brand and supports this lifestyle with sustainable materials. Slow living is not about making everything a hoot, but hoping to live in a better world. It's a balance, fast if you can, slow if you can, trying to live with what the musicians call TempoGiusto (the right time). It doesn't have a one-size-fits-all formula, it just gives everyone the right to choose their own pace of life, and the world will be a richer place if we're willing to make room for a variety of different speeds. Bambooing use different sustainable materials to build slow living spaces to let the audience experience cultural diversity and the benifits of green life.

Bambooing Posters

Bambooing Posters

Tempo Giusto Zine

Sketch of the Bambooing Slow Living Hotel

Herb Experiment

Bambooing Website Prototype

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