Painting has become my main creative drive and practice through which I explore what I understand to be the intrinsic “otherworldly quality” of the natural world. Our world is unique, therefore utterly mysterious. Grounded by instinct and spontaneity, the painterly gestures by which I begin most of my paintings end up forming intuitive landscapes, which become almost recognisable as “real,” yet fantastical and uninhabitable as if only a rehearsal stage for a world yet to come. With my Eastern European background, nature, myth, storytelling and folklore play a significant part in the formation of my own visual language. There is a sense of place in my art and a longing to connect with something more primordial, which evades any specific geographical location, inviting the viewer to wonder, to love and protect that which is universally most valuable to us, our life on earth. Although my painting can be read as a form of abstract landscape, I’m not interested in landscape painting as a subject matter, but in “the other,” the space-making, and a sense of time beyond historical narrative, which become an imaginary territory that tends to occupy my work. Chance and an unplanned approach continue to stimulate my exploration between different visual boundaries without any concession to coherence of style or accommodating a particulate aesthetic taste.

the future is out there

inside the sky rock

a remembered place of birth

places of the new world

used to express good wishes on parting

red ecology


her window


a leaf that happened to be bigger than the world

everything has something to give, to show or to say

curious grasses


until the dust settles


a sense of victory

journey into light

secundum ground

jazz trunk

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