Innovations In Creative Pattern Cutting: The development of a new pattern cutting method, utilising geometric shapes in the development of denim garments

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This project, entitled innovations in creative pattern cutting, explores ways of making creative patterns with geometrics folding and draping to generate creative patterns in fashion design. It also explores ways in which geometric shapes experiment with pattern making, as a mode of thinking, can be incorporated into ‘practice-based’ design research. Creative pattern cutting based on the draping technique is a process in which both design and technique go well synchronised and is also a constructive way to improve design problem-solving skills with fresh ideas. The main aim of this study is to get a new creative method of pattern-making that can also be manufactured commercially and produced in large quantities by factories is the most crucial aim of the project. To achieve the aim mentioned earlier, I have created more advanced techniques for experimenting with new ways to observe, combine, and sew geometrical patterns with angle cuttings, which will result in a wide range of intriguing creative patterns when used to make clothing.

Pattern Diagrams with Draping Samples

Design Sketches, Flats, and Toile

Digital Patterns

Various Creative Patterns Form

Look 1: Denim Dress Details

Look 2: Denim Skirt Details

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