The project aimed to create a mixed reality experience, designed to be shared within the fashion industry. Wearing the Hololens glasses, participants will observe fashion products made with different bio-materials. Looking, moving, playing around with digital products, switching from one bio-material to another, testing different final appearances. This experience focused on the challenge of introducing bio-textiles into the current market, which at the moment remains skeptical. Having the finished digital product in front to see how bio-textiles render on a finished product, and develop new ideas for future use. Another goal this virtual experience pointed at is to reduce wasting bio-materials for prototyping. Having the digital preview is a way of avoiding material waste experimenting with digital prototypes. All bio-materials images were imported on Substance 3D Surface to create digital 3D materials. The digital materials were then imported on Substance 3D Painter to design four digital bags. Each bag comes in six variants. The scene to experience has been created with Unity. Four digital bags are placed with small variants bellow each bag. Predictions towards future fashion trends foresee the importance gained by bio-textiles in many applications, introducing a positive effect, due to their characteristics based on local availability, strength, renewability, and sustainability.

Julie Final Video Master Project

Mixed Reality Experience

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