UnIVeRsaLly DoMiNanT!! is my 2023 masters collection and it is about exploring how fashion carries both social and political messages by looking through the inner workings of my mixed cultural identity of being Korean and of heavy influences of American culture. I mostly take inspiration from my grandparents who have endured and participated in the Korean War, and from finding American pin up magazines dated in the 1960s in my grandfather's wardrobe. My clothes are to empower people of all genders whilst highlighting the importance of sustainability and transparency of making the garments. Most of my garments are of zero waste due to fully fashioning my knit garments and/or knitting specific sized panels to fit a pattern. I interweave the materials of knit, leather, and glass as a method to convey strength and rebelliousness by experimenting with colour and shape.

Final Fitting

Look 1 development

Look 6 Development

Look 6 Development

20 Look Line Up

Final Line Up

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