PhD Research Title: Dress as still life: a new form of photographic portraiture in the 21st century

#Digital #Fashion #Photography #Portraiture

My research identifies and analyses a new type of image in which dress-as-still life constitutes a form of contemporary photographic portraiture. It specifically focuses on images where clothes are mobilised as a means of documenting the self or the life of another person; as portrait, self-portrait or selfie, depending on whose clothes the photographer captured. I focus on three distinct areas of practice to thoroughly investigate the aesthetic tropes and meanings behind these acts of portraiture, in and outside of social media’s networked flows of communication.

Christian Boltanski (1972) Les habits de François C. (24 parts)

Charlie Porter (2021) Luncheon N.12

Carol Hudson (2014) BE-Longing series

Charlotte_Mimi _(2021)

99ik_a (2020)

Glenna Gordon (2014) Hauwa Mutah

Elle Perez (2015-2018) Binder

heliix_kool (2020)

Ishiuchi Miyako, (2018) ひろしまhiroshima #104

Mary Kelly (1984-85) Corpus

rotisserie_johnson (2022)

Mémé Bartels (2016) The Complete Collection

Kaucyila Brooke (1998) Kathy Acker's Clothes

Wolfgang Tillmans (1996) Faltenwurf (off soho)

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