I began my project exploring nature, and recorded forms and textures found in the plants and flowers of Horniman Garden. I found most of my inspiration through walking in my local area and finding elements of nature that I would’ve otherwise overlooked. To help develop this research into something unique, I explored the word ‘memories’ and began looking through my grandmas faded photo album. This influenced my choices of translucent fabrics and muted colours due to the deterioration of the photos and their lacklustre colour. I also looked into my own memories and collaged photographs from my summer together as I felt they all merged into one. Lastly, I combined ideas and designed my prints, merging the delicacy of memories with the bold shapes and textures from nature.


Photos taken from Horniman Garden


Grandmas photo album - faded memories

Print Sample

Layering screen print over digital print

Floral Design

Digital Print

Distorted memories

Digital Print

Print Samples

Inspired by the distortion of memories over time

Print Sample

Digital print with foil detailing

Print Sample + Fashion Collage

Digital sublimation print with black flowers with flock.

Fashion Collages

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