This project is inspired by things I cannot go past without stopping: trees in my local park, unique patterns of lines in flowers and leaves, and the way it communicates and interweaves into human life, shaping it or simply being a backdrop for creativity. Visiting exhibitions such as Hew Locke's 'The Procession' and Cecilia Vicuna's 'Brain Forest Quipu' helped with mixing things, ideas and colours. In my prints, I tried to explore and show delicate natural forms, their tangibility and abundance at the same time.

Scottish mountains streams

Digital sublimation and screen print

Unseen gravel

Screen print

Placement ideas

Recycled fabrics

Bleached and weaved

Stones and flowes

Horniman's Gardens


Masks, folk motifs, flowers and gravel - distorted and combined together

Floral fragments on a mask

Inspired by Hew Locke's 'The Procession'

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