This project was the result of extensive research that began with observing nature. I found myself drawn to the various textures that surround us and worked on how to reflect them into my textiles. In the second half of the project I visit the Hew Locke exhibition where we were asked to pick an object and conduct thorough research regarding it; I chose pearls. I began to examine their textures, colors, and the various layers of their clams at first but then I delved in deeper and took a look at the mythical significance surrounding them in terms of Greek mythology. This is where I focused on Aphrodite, a Greek goddess who was born in a pearl clam. I began to look at other stories about her and developed a lot of sketchbook work on her. For my final samples I included a mix of both stages I focused on the textural side of nature and the shiny/pastel colors I did research on for the pearls. I did include one sample which included a story of Aphrodite which is the red and blue sample with beading a top.

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