For this project I explored floral motifs, geometric shapes, and 1960s Design.

Orange Floral Print

This print was created using opaque binders in orange and brown and super white. It's printed on to brown denim fabric.

Geometric Oval Print

This Print was from the beginning stages of the project where I was playing around with paper stencils. Created using transparent binder onto cotton.

Digital Print

This print was a sublimation heat transfer print that is printed onto polyester fabric.

Repeated Floral Motif

This print is printed onto a black fabric using opaque binders to create the strong use of colour.

Red Floral Print

This print was created using a stencil. Using fluorescent pink, green, blue opaque binders.

Sketchbook Development Piece

This drawing was created from developing on a earlier piece in my sketchbook by inverting colours and layering.

Sketchbook Development Piece

I developed this sketchbook idea by using one on my print samples and changing the colours on photoshop and then printing it off and layers with paint.

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