This project shows my development of x-ray effects through objects and mixed media knits, as well as exploring the colours and effects of trout through knitting.

Final samples

All of my final samples from this project.

Development of trout

Using my edited image I created a knit sample

Final samples

2 Final samples on body inspired by black x-rays

Rainbow trout

Knit sample inspired by rainbow trout


Rainbow trout knit development

Trout x X-ray

Merging my ideas together to form new ones

Brown trout

Exploring colour from brown trout using photoshop and drawing

Dubied sample

Knitting sample on dubied machine inspired by the nerves of teeth

Teeth x ray

Mixed media pages using pictures of teeth x ray

Sample experimentation

Photoshopping knit samples onto body, sample used is on far right.

Teeth nerves extended

Illustration inspired by teeth nerves including a final sample and photoshopped garment.

X-ray pearls

Photoshopped pearls to appear x-rayed and collaging the outcomes

Knit experimentation

Painting on knit samples using ink

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