Experimental Process is a first year project that I’m using to help explore my style as a textile designer. The initial research was inspired by an exhibition that portrayed a “procession”. I took further inspiration from the childlike structures in the foreground of the display. This lead me to research protests within the younger generation and look at the punk era during the 70s. I explored Vivienne Westwood and Jordan mooney and combined the edgy free-spirited culture with protests. My final samples support the monochrome colour palette of the era using shades of black and a pop of vibrant pink. I used rigid denim, chiffon a metallic polyester based fabric that support an autumn/winter 2023 collection.

Exhibition "Procession".

Initial inspiration for project- childlike structures.


Collage of protests further developed into graphic drawings and posters.

Vivienne- punk icon.

Developing graphic posters in to a hand embroidered sample.

Final design drawings.

Tartan developed from kilts worn in punk era.

Final samples on the body.

Exploring possible design outcomes.

Final Illustrations.

Illustrating final realisations from sample work.

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