The work I created under the self-selected domain of interior and exterior lives has been exploring and reflecting on the sphere of perception regarding my own and others’ experiences and mental health. I intended to understand and communicate how my past as well as the wiring of my brain has informed my current state of being. In addition to the heavy introspection and analysis of my mental health, specifically OCD, I investigated universal components of perception, experience, and bodies through artist and medical research. Nest or Cage? I am out of the nest, but I remain hovering above my home. I have attempted to heal and to let go, but I cannot. Even now, I am tied to my past, living in the dark shadow of wings. This sculpture is the assemblage of a handmade house, bird, and tray. This sculpture is created out of bird seed, metal, wood, foam, and cardboard. This piece is communicating my experience OCD. It is about perception, mental health, and childhood.

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