The project will address “albinism” to portray the significance of fashion inclusivity and diversity. In other words, the fashion editorial will capture visuals that differ from the standardised beauty in society to encourage open-minded thinking. Being a fashion photographer in a fast-paced industry means considering fashion elements in a wide context and ways to include, accept, and em- brace everyone’s uniqueness. This, notably, will heighten the connection between the photograph and theaudience. Therefore, the project, capturing the beauty of albinism, aims to create an intimate and calm atmosphere, serving as the medium to highlight the extraordinary charm of albinism and its gradual dominance in the fashion industry. Whilst albinism has been identified as a stigma due to its peculiar look, its exceptional appearance is what attracts people as it is something that the public rarely sees. Introducing groups with visible differences into the fashion world have inspired photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, and art directors with creative ideas. Hopefully, more albinos will be seen, recognised, and embraced with their effortless beauty.

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