FLOAT is a jewelry collection inspired by fishing, featuring bamboo as the primary material and accented with metal elements like silver and aluminum. By applying the principles of fishing floats, the jewelry employs the relationship between metal gravity and bamboo buoyancy to create a floating effect in water. The craftsmanship of the collection is mainly inspired by traditional Chinese bamboo carving. Here, referencing its intricate handcraft processes, laser engravings replace the traditional Chinese ink painting style with modern Pop Art and Memphis influences. A passion for fishing amongst young and middle-aged Chinese men who enjoy fishing or outdoor activities is strong and growing in many cities. The collection combines the sport of fishing with contemporary trends, transforming it into a lifestyle collection celebrating nature. The bamboo used in the jewellery is strong and very lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. Additionally, bamboo is a sustainable, renewable resource that is abundant in China and grows rapidly, with low production costs. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the fashion industry's current focus on sustainable development and environmental protection.







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