A short film and ghost story. Finding herself sent to a new home Ivy begins a ritual of obsessive running in a mossy park, becoming haunted by images of a girl in a lake.

The film was part of a one to one live performance, where the audience member was welcomed to Deception Island - shown on Google earth through a tv screen by an equivocal guide. The guide announced to the audience member 'I have something to show you' and they then walked past drips of water into a small room, through a netted white sheet into a seat with drawings of the lake tangled with ghostly figures on the walls on either side of them.

The guide pressed play closing the door and the film began as a projection on the wall in front of them. During the Scene in the film where the girl (Delia) in the lake first appears in a white space, a performer entered the room as the live presence of Delia. The performer walked past the white sheet and sat in the corner next to the projection with her head down and hair sprawled in front of her - where she remained for the rest of the film.

On the final Scene where Ivy walks into the water the screen went blank but the lake melody continued as I entered performing as Ivy in live presence joining Delia, sitting beside her.

I ended the piece with a small live performance Ivy lifted Delia's head moving her hair away and taking her hands. As this affectionate moment continued the guide entered the room to say that the audience members time was up and they 'may now leave the void'.

Incorporating the film into live performance.

Still from the film, a flashback of the girl in the lake.


link to the film.

Still from the film, Ivy obsessively paints the lake.

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