"Listener" is a speculative project that explores the potential of using data to modify human behaviour. The project consists of a collection of home appliances that includes a speaker, a humidifier, and a floor lamp. These devices use visual cues to highlight the ubiquity of data surveillance in our daily lives. The speaker adjusts its volume based on the presence of human voices, while the humidifier changes the amount of fog depending on the sound in the room. The floor lamp acts like a searchlight, illuminating the source of the sound. These interactions provide users with a tangible experience of data surveillance and encourage them to imagine the possible future. "Listener" is aimed to improve the initiative of social subjects, the people, in solving the global data crisis. By raising awareness and promoting critical thinking, "Listener" empowers people to take action and make informed decisions about their digital lives.

LISTENER_Unit 9 Project_Yifan Zhang

A short film shows how people interact with this collection.

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