live like plants series II - in the soil is a client project that aims to bring a new inclusive infrastructure to the high street. The member excluded the most in this city is the one who builds the foundation of what we call home - the plant. Since the 1970s, biodiversity has declined by about 72% across the UK due to losing habitat or disconnection to the biosystem; when we talk about improving human well-being, those non-humans struggle to survive. The concept of the design focus on the base element of the biosystem, i.e. the soil On the one hand, I wish to provide an experience that people sitting in the soil, looking at the city like plants did, feel how those isolated creatures survive there. On the other hand, the soil in the wall could provide a little more ground for the plant, bringing more green to the city.

soil chair

The soil is contained in a transparent object, which people can see and feel directly, but they still disconnect with the soil from the housing. Modern, geometry and disciplined shape indicate the modern city we live in. Man-made style and natural soil (and plant) compose a vivid contrast to the audience. That isolated, man-made, and disconnected feelings are exactly how I feel and what I want to deliver to the audience.

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