The natural disaster of my native country Turkey put me in an unexpected unmotivated mood. It created a shock in my system while I was far away from my home land. In Turkey, we’re in national grief but here it’s like nothing’s happened, and I realised that I was rushing the grieving process because life goes on and I had deadlines to meet. Unable to move past that earthquake day, my mental aftershock manifested into a rush. Although not explicitly cementing this visually, I showcased the physical side-effects within this project, taking this time to slow disaster down, as if frozen in time. Clothes can reveal a lot more about you than you think. I speak from experience, when you rush, you’ll lose things, like a button and then put it in the wrong hole. You trip and fall, give yourself a paper cut, and you spill coffee on your finest white shirt. Nothing goes the right way. This chaos happens to be at the forefront of my project. Time is a notion that ceases to exist in my tangible world, using it as a way of regaining control when having to create in crisis and of course, meet deadlines. “And I want to come up with solutions, solving the rush that reflects on our clothes”.

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