Growing up in Iran, a country with so many restrictions that never accepted me for who I really am, I didn't know what it meant to be truly free. To learn how to fully express myself, I tried to explore different versions of myself that could only exist if I had the freedom I longed for. Freedom is often about letting go of constraints, but in real life, it's about pushing back and resisting. I realized that if I wanted to find real freedom and live life on my own terms, I had to resist and reclaim the culture that had been taken away from me and was slowly fading away. Therefore, I decided to revive my culture and write the future of my country on the basis of the past, as I and my community wanted it to be. By doing so, I believed I would discover true freedom in life. I would have the opportunity to explore all the different versions of myself within the contemporary context of my revived culture.

The Girl Who Lived in A Carpet

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