A contemplative fantasy, rooted in Philippine tradition, but challenging its place today. A play on the unique movement of traditional Philippine handwoven fabrics, juxtaposed with modern notions of girlhood. Merging the traditional and contemporary, guided by my Philippine culture and personal upbringing. Challenging and strengthening the voice of girlhood in this new context.

Layered Abaca Top

Neckline details highlighting the unique movement of traditional handwoven abaca fabric from the Philippines. Drawing inspiration from traditional Philippine dress as methods of layering and wrapping are explored from a girlhood lens.

Final Look

Exploring ways of layering and wrapping to give more depth to the traditional abaca

Layered Elastic Skirt with Pineapple Fabric

Exploring layers of transparency and controlling spontaneous movement of elastic. Adding layers of texture with traditional handwoven pineapple fabric.

Process Work for Layered T-shirt

Different iterations through layering and wrapping garments

Process Work

Exploring fluidity and movement in textiles. Combining levels of transparency and their interactions on different textures and fabrics

Final Look

Drawing inspiration from layering garments and the act of dressing up in the bedroom. Following the organic flow and shape these layers form

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