This year I have been looking at my Polish heritage through a queer lens. For my final collection and the second issue of my zine, I have been researching Slavic celebrations connected to love and desire - Ivan Kupala being one of the most important ones. Before Christianity took over Eastern Europe, Slavic girls would celebrate the summer solstice by making flower crowns that they would lay on a river or a lake, to be picked up by their male peers as a form of mating ritual. I found something incredibly exciting in the idea of using nature to call for love, so I have been exploring ways to bring that into a contemporary queer space like the nightclub, by designing clubwear inspired by - and made with - nature. For this project, I have been making my own version of flower crowns by picking up beer tops from the streets and making biomaterials, from blueberry leather to burnt orange peels. I’ve been designing clothes to go out in, inspired by the different ways nature calls for love.

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