In the tapestry of my life, the threads of my Ukrainian background have woven a vibrant and unforgettable pattern. From my childhood days surrounded by Ukrainian elements, such as churches, nuns, and their outfits, to the intricate art of embroidery and its symbolic significance, my cultural heritage has shaped me in profound ways. In my garment project, centered around the Ukrainian scarf, I aim to encapsulate the essence of memory and protection, reminding people of the importance of embracing their origins and cherishing the stories that define them. At the heart of my garment project lies the Ukrainian scarf, adorned with intricate patterns and imbued with layers of meaning. This scarf, beyond its aesthetic appeal, holds deep symbolism. It serves as a guardian, providing protection against the passage of time and the fading of memories. Just as the scarf can be wrapped around one's shoulders, it envelops individuals in the embrace of their cultural identity, creating a tangible connection to their roots.

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