This project aims to create sustainable textiles and garments by utilizing off-cuts from the fashion industry's pre-consumer waste. Inspired by the zero-waste principles of unstitched clothing in historical India, the project explores cultural heritage to develop unique designs for a more sustainable future. The project addresses the fashion industry's overproduction and waste, where 15% of fabric is typically discarded during cutting. By adopting the zero-waste approach of unstitched clothing, waste can be minimized, promoting a circular garment-making process. Various techniques, such as weaving off-cuts, patchwork, appliqué, and digital embroidery, are explored to create distinct textiles. These textiles will be transformed into unstitched garments designed to be timeless and adaptable, appealing to a niche audience interested in culturally rich and sustainable fashion. The project challenges fast fashion and consumer culture. By aligning with current trends advocating for sustainability, ethics, and cultural appreciation, it contributes to a growing demand for conscious fashion. In summary, this project combines sustainability, cultural heritage, and design to produce unique textiles and garments. By utilizing off-cuts and embracing unstitched clothing principles, it aims to minimize waste and offer a fresh perspective on traditional aesthetics.

Final work

Material used- Pre consumer fashion waste Full length picture- Single shoulder drape This garment is not only a fashion statement but also an eco-friendly choice. I’ve meticulously handcrafted it using pre-consumer fashion waste, giving new life to discarded materials. The single shoulder drape design adds a touch of elegance, while allowing the intricate woven top to take center stage.

Final work

Back : The strings engineered with twine making technique. The back shoulder fall has woven off cuts patched at the end with a yarn fringe giving it a playful, raw, and elegant look!

Final work

Front : The top is made of two patches of woven off cut fabric which are connected by yarn. The yarn is threaded in a way that the length between the patches can be adjusted, making it size free and versatile!

Final work

Side : Examine the intricate woven patches, skillfully held together by loose yarns. These patches are crafted from waste fabric off cuts, thoughtfully placed to create a playful design.

Final work

Side : A look at the hand crafted fabric made using fabric off cuts. Placement of the small pieces of different kinds of fabric, keeping in mind properties of each kind of fabric, is done thoughtfully giving the fabric a fresh and timeless look!

Final work

Front bottom : Woven off cut fabric patches with loose yarns in the centre showcasing the elegance and intricacy of the hand weaving craft!

Final work

Front : Inspired by the exquisite drapes of pre-colonial Indian sarees, it features a cross shoulder drape that gracefully highlights the fabric crafted from carefully collected waste off cuts.

Pre-consumer Fashion Waste Research

Material / Fabric Research

Design Inspiration

Fabric Exploration

Design Exploration

Fabric Development

Silhouette Development

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