Gachuha is a traditional game among women and children in Jilin, China. It is named after the use of the indirect thigh bone in the hind leg of the sheep as a prop.Gachuha became popular because in rural areas, girls are not allowed to move their needles and threads during the first month, and girls in the first month are not suitable for outside activities, so girls have fashioned this gachuha game played on the kang in the house. Gachuha is not only a simple game for girls, but also a kind of survival training. Because women in rural areas serve men and need to mend their clothes, women’s needlework must be good, so that they can get married and win the favor of their in-laws. I want to use the newly created text to reflect the childhood toys of local children. Because the sheep bones will be bumped in the process of playing, the fonts will have some details incomplete, which can more intuitively reflect the continuous exercise of hands by Jilin rural girls .


A book describes Gachuha and its history,influence,etc

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